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Wicked site! nice work!. Thanks :(. Vincent.

I saw Yall a long time ago at autozone park. this is the first time i heard ur music though. Yall Are Fucking Insane. Ima try to see yall live soon

GREAT show at a small venue -- The Crossings, Olive Branch Mississippi. Small crowd due to the football rivalry that night but a BIG SHOW. Great tunes. Loved the mix of original and covers. LOVE the CD. Can't wait to hang out with you guys again.

Thanks for doing all my requests last Thursday night at 64. Why you continue to play covers amazes me.

A Shining Moment
Saw you guys last night [09-04-08] in Addison, Tx. Yall ROCK! Will definitely go to see yall again!

Any way you can publish the words to the songs on your album?

My girlfriend and I had a great time listening to you at the Memphis Redbirds game Friday 7/11. You were playing covers that evening. We purchased your CD and I told you to keep up the good work that you guys had something special going for you. I told my G-friend on the way to the car "I hope those guys aren't just another cover band" After listening to your CD on the way home our fears were soon put to rest. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Your original material blew us away. We are now YNM fans and will be requesting your music on the loacl radio stations. Thanks guys! Rock on!

I greatly appreciated the fact that the closest you came to something patriotic was American Idiot. Unfortunately, since the release Green Day's album, still no one is paying attention. Good work, gentlemen. La paz es siempre una elección. Peace, Quillan Stone

Jim Ross
I watched you at TJ Mulligan on July 4 and donated to get a CD (I was one of the guys in the lower area away from the bar and bought you a drink). I just drove back to St. Louis and the CD NEVER left the player. There is no way you guys should be playing anything but original music. My personal mission is to promote your band across the country in my travels. Please advise how I can get a bunch of CD's to distribute so everyone can hear what I did. Motionless is amazing but I would have to say there isn't a bad track on the album. Now I wish I would have stayed to see you rock the Rooster tonight. A friend of mine will be requesting Lead me on and Motionless. Rock on and take this note seriously... you will be BIG one day and hopefully its soon.

hi this is chloe you know rich is daughter love your music

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