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Randy Holder - (Vocals, Guitar)

Richard Robison - (Drums, Vocals)

Rusty Rainey - (Guitar, Vocals)

Chris Gafford - (Bass, Vocals)


Formed March of 2003 in Memphis, TN

Since the late 90's Richard, and Randy were a part of a popular local band called, The Five That Framed OJ. Chris joined the same project in 2002 and created the final spark. Realizing their musical chemistry, they started their own band while keeping a focus on writing originals. We have managed to avoid the 9 to 5 route and make this project our job.

YNM shares a vision even though their musical influences slightly differ.

As a child, Richard idolized KISS and moved on to the "Hair Metal" phase, and then graduated to Pearl Jam and Radiohead.

Gafford grew up influenced by the Beatles and moved on to more influence by the Beatles.

I (Randy) was and still is influenced by everything Not just music! It could be a noise, scenery or just some stranger walking down the street. I listen to many different artists/styles of music from A to Z and am constantly searching for new stuff off the beatin path. Being confident with who I am, I don't look for inspiration I wait to be inspired. Writing songs is so much more than being influenced on what you grew up listening to or what you listen to now, it's having the balls to explore and express whats inside yourself other than explore what someone else has already done. I don't listen to music for ideas I listen to it for enjoyment. I could name a list a mile long of artists I listen to but does it really matter? I don't want to sound like any of them. When someone listens to something I've written, the last thing I want to hear is; that sounds like "so and so". I love music, I love writing and I love being a musician but music doesn't define me and never will! --Randy

When you put these Artists together, you get a real taste of melody and passion tightly packed in Rock music.